I asked ChatGPT to give me a code example to calculate the paid interest rate over some years. Here is how it fails:

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Me: I would like the necessary code to calculate total interest rate paid for a loan in Python

ChatGPT: Here is some sample code to calculate the total interest paid on a loan in Python:

# Initialize variables
principal = 10000 # The initial amount borrowed
rate = 0.05 # The annual interest rate
years = 5 # The number of years the loan is taken out for

# Calculate the total interest paid
total_interest = principal * rate * years

# Print the result
print("Total interest paid: $" + str(total_interest))

This code assumes that the interest rate is a fixed annual rate and that the payments are made on a yearly basis. If you need to calculate the interest rate on a different schedule, you will need to adjust the formula accordingly.

Note: This code snippet is just an example of how to calculate the total interest paid on a loan, it might not be accurate to real world scenarios, you might need to adjust it based on your specific use case.

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