My name is Madalin-Gabriel Ignisca.

I have a passion for technology and web development.

With more then 14 years of experience creating and maintaining complete online solutions with web technologies, building custom data driven web applications.

On top of programming languages including PHP, Python, Go, JavaScript, database systems like MySQL, Mongo and Influxdb, message brokers like RabbitMQ, with my team, we can build custom solutions your business needs.

We are able to deliver small to medium sized projects, and provide monitoring, bugfixing, and iterating on adding / removing features.

As we are all located in European Union, working remote, we can offer guarantee that all data, especially personal data involved in the projects will only and only be hosted and transfered EU borders, including code, automation tools, and all hosting infrastructure.

We are also proud to setup everything with High Availabilty setups and fast recovery from most disasters that can happen.

If you have the idea and finances for the next cool thing, I can bring the technical brain for it, including additional people required for.

You may find me on different social networks or other websites, usually using the nickname madalinignisca.

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