Later edit (2021-11-08): Time is really hard to obtain, when you are a parent with little kids. I shall keep my promise and continue the book, especially now as I need to come back to WordPress for a family business, and all shall be put on the same things I’m teaching in the book. A webshop that will be powered by WordPress with Woocommerce and integrated with Facebook ecommerce services.

Finally I reorganized my personal free time, with a side project in progress, and now I’m continuing working on my WordPress on MicroK8s again.

New chapter on High Availability setup is almost completed by this morning, and following a new publish update to do as will finish it by next week.

This chapter was delayed as OpenEBS was part of a Pull Request to join next stable version of MicroK8s, and it allows us users of MicroK8s to simply enable it and not care anymore about us maintaining it. Thank you Canonical for that, and I do hope to see them adding cert-manager as well :)

This new chapter brings you the most basic knowledge to construct your cluster with ready to use high available storage, improve the WordPress recipe to allow self-healing when a node becomes unavaialble, we even simulate this to learn the process, and allowing multiple replicas of WordPress to run, so we can benefit of better performance when traffic is high, and scale down when traffic becomes low, allowing saving of money without downtime also.

With this, I will now going to continue the work on the book every weekend until will be fully finished, publishing an update of the book as each new chapter is completed.