I started writing a few weeks ago a book, about how to host, manage and use WordPress on MicroK8s.

I managed to finish a few initial chapters, and published them as a free sample for anyone to dive in and get an idea of what’s gonna cover.

You can get the updated free sample from Leanpub.

If you are interested, subscribe using the linked page, and I would really be grateful if you’d share a price you’d be willing to pay for such a book.

And with this step achieved, I thought I should start writing an article with each extra step I manage to continue, providing a small version of each new chapter created in this blog.

After the next few chapters will be ready, covering the most important things to be able to manage WordPress in containers, I’ll make the book available to purchase early, and keep continuing to add to it, until it will be a complete cookbook of ready to use solutions for WordPress on containers.

As I progress with the book, the video course will follow.