Continuous Improvement

I’m a web developer, a system administrator, a human.

Latelly, the terms of CI/CD have become something just normal to me.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Continuous Delivery

That’s applyed in the software world to speed up things, to improve continuous.

So I think we should apply the same thing to ourselves, as Continous Improvement

I tried a lot of things in the web development world, I learned a lot from many technologies involved, but I have to admit, I have never mastered one.

I can code in most programming languages, I do know the theory of most design patterns, I am capable of setting up most of the services and runtimes required for modern web applications.

I am happy with most of things, but I am really disapointed in me as when trying to get my own idea in code, I start to stall, as I discover that without a lot of practice within certain things, it’s way more slower then even acceptable to get something delivered.

So I’m now set on switching to the Continous Improvement way.