Since I’ve uploaded my CV online on a major UK’s jobs site, the phone started to ring at least twice an hour.

In a few days, from like over 50 recruiting agencies, only 5 opportunities really sounded for me “awesome”. The rest are to be really ignored.

I really don’t understand people that in their “job specs” ask for experienced, really top people that would be able even to recreate in a week if possible any major open source projects, think they would be able to recruit the best web developers they could reach.

Personally, I’m not in the best, I’m somewhere between Junior to Mid-level, experienced both on back end and front end, and also on server services (linux only).

But what’s offensive in any discussions with this recruiters is that the companies they represent are like “who the hell are them”? I never heard of them, they are unknown in this industry, they hardly do something locally and they expect to hire best of best? And they expect it at some low wages that just makes you start laughing over the phone (of course, I lie that the cat tickled me)…

So, what kind of companies caught my attention?

  • First, all of them are medium level, working national wide and even a bit international.
  • They didn’t ask for a portfolio. They asked for technical test, discussion about many techniques, patterns used, personal views on how to do some stuff.
  • Opportunity to evolve under the guidance of some good developers

I’m somewhere to Mid-level. Of course I’m looking for a Mid-level company.

Anyway, when bumping into those “unknown” companies that seek the ultimate developer willing to do charity, how do you greet them?

PS: I found this discussion on Reddit in which I agree with most of the opinions: Having trouble finding quality PHP employers: A rebuttal.