So there it ends another year and I’m deciding on my New Year’s Resolutions 2018 list.

More than 7 years since I’ve switched to web development and never sorted out to do something of my own, and not even accomplished some of my previous thought goals.

I haven’t given them to much importance, as my focus was always to become better on what can I can learn and improve in the work I do for my employer. All I did was playing with PHP, work on WordPress and Drupal websites, follow what ever the company’s rules of doing things have been forced and so on. Although my passion is in web development, I realised that this previous years have not been actually been very productive for me.

But now things are changing, as I’ve found the job that would allow me to focus learning and improving on JavaScript and related stuff. (I have to use pure JavaScript, no libraries or frameworks for implementations).

And my New Year’s Resolution 2018 list is:

  1. Build an MVP for a web application (open source version):
    • Must be components based - no monolithic big fat framework allowed
    • Must have a micro-services architecture
    • Primary programming language should be JavaScript, secondary Python
    • Should be deployable with Docker
    • Should be able to scale horizontally without limits (Bang!)
    • Should expose a minimal API for future phases
    • The web client should be a PWA that the server sends a full render on reaching directly an endpoint and continues as a PWA
  2. Get involved in some of the components I'll be using for my project
  3. Finish to read the book "Steve Jobs – Isaacson, Walter"
  4. Teach my boy to ride a no pedal bike (bikes for 2+ years old kids)
  5. Visit Valencia (Spain)
  6. Improve my Paella cooking skills

So it’s visible that I’ll focus on a single real project to get me self better as a web developer, and will try to stay away from reading books and watching tutorials that I realised that those should have been only for the first like 2 years, nothing more after that.

What’s your New Year’s Resolutions 2018 list?