I’m so thrilled that you have found my website.

This is my little personal virtual space in the www ecosystem where I will rambling many things.

In case you found this in professional interests, then maybe my resume it’s in your interest.

The website is moderated using Jekyll, a powertool for Front end g33ks like me.

I’m currently in research for work, prefering a position as a Front end developer, to work on websites and web applications optimized for mobile devices, responsive, with mobile first aproach.

I live somewhere between Sheffield and Leeds, but I would be happy to move almost anywhere in UK for the dream job.

As I’m recently moved in UK, I don’t have huge expectations, so I would preffer a junior position to accomodate and be able to show what I can do.

Contact informations are to be found in my resume.

Stay tunned, I’ll post web development sweets.