There are many “php frameworks” for the programming languages that we use that help us build faster the applications our clients need.

When working with already done projects, in many occasions we get into some sort of trouble because of the lack of documentation in it and the real issues come more into place just when you’re searching for something in the framework documentation.

It’s just frustrating when you need to fix a piece of code, you find something that initial it makes no sense, methods used have no piece of documentation and the framework documentation presents a total different approach related to that, with no other relevant option. At least if would had comments on each page like the official PHP documentation has and many others.

For me, not documenting work from the beginning is the most unprofessional way of doing things. If you’re paid to do something, skip documentation only is it’s stipulated in the contract. If you’re working on an open source project, then I think that documentation should begin immediately after playing with a working draft of the piece and before actually writing/rewriting it to be used.

For who isn’t doing it, this short intro is mandatory: PHPDoc.

For other languages the concept is almost identical, as even for PHP it was inspired from Javadoc.