This month I started a new job as a web developer and devop at Design Junkie Ltd.

After I’ve moved to UK, working in the begining at an online shop deposit (hey, I’m not afraid to work :P), I started researching to work on what I’m passionate about, but didn’t wanted to accept any job. So with patience, talking to a lot of recruiting companies that contacted me, going to different interviews (where I had lot of fun solving different technical tests, one really interesting), in a few weeks, Design Junkie really captured my attention.

This company really do some of the things in a way that I really like and hoped to be involved in.

Since I became interested in virtualization and making things better in terms of developing and hosting web services better, Docker was the tool that I needed to do. I’ve been playing to create various recipes to work on multiple vps servers manually and got some nice results. This way I understood more things that go underneath for high traffic websites where performance per cost is a major thing to take in consideration.

But in time, an autommation really was needed, but still the need of 100% fine tunning on any service it is the most important thing to me. So docker came in place for me and I’m in love with the simplicity of it.

But Docker is not enough in some cases. For personal play, hosting a few personal and friends websites to keep costs very low, it was enough. So a solution to have something centralized and with an interface to show in a more human way to others what’s happeing under the hood had to be researched.

So I discovered Openstack and Openshift. Still, both are in more research for me to decide on which one to go for both professional and personal projects. Both support Docker and both get the final result as required.

Follow up for my posts about what I’m doing with Docker and Openstack/Openshift. Subscribe for news ;)

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